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Courageous Moms Series: Meselu

behind-the-scenes Faces of FASHIONABLE

As we lead up to Mother’s Day (on May 12!), we thought we’d highlight a few of the courageous moms that are a part of or who have been a part of our work. Because of your purchase, these women are ABLE to provide for their families and be the MOM they want to be.


Next... Meselu, who is ABLE to send her son Eyob to school. (see her story here)

Meselu + Eyob

“My husband and I got in bad disagreements. When I was 25, I left and took my son and started sleeping outside a church’s door. I met this woman who had a prostitute business, and she offered me money and a house to rent. This is how it began… // My neighbors said there was a company who helps women with situations like mine. Now I work here making scarves. My job has taught me how to love, have self-respect, and it has been a positive change in my life.”

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