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A whole lot of dyin' goin' on.


We told you about Kiely moving over to Ethiopia to work with fashionABLE. Right now the ladies are working hard on the new colors & designs for our SPRING 2012 COLLECTION (out March 1st!). Here's an update from Kiely on production.
The last few days the women here have been busy preparing for our Spring Collection! There's tons of dying going on here in some great colors. To get thread ready for the loom, each bundle is hand dyed in buckets, and then dried on the line right outside the fashionABLE offices! There's a lot of love and detail going into the new designs. And most of these are made from lightweight material that you can wear all year round (that's what they do in Ethiopia!) this collection will be perfect no matter where you live! Stay tuned for more news from the ground...

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