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Price increases? Heck yeah.


Hey y'all. We wanted to let you know that we are going to have price increases at the end of this month... and why. Basically, the main issue is making the business sustainable.  As a non profit, we send all the profits back to Africa anyway.  But, we still have to cover our costs or we are not running a sustainable business - make sense? We learned a TON as we launched this venture in October.  Christmas sales were wild (and crazy) and we found ourselves in amazing opportunities.  Thank you for being a part of it! So there are a couple of levels.  First, the business in Ethiopia.  We have to create enough margin for them to meet the needs of their fluctuating economy.  Then, for our business stateside, we learned about online versus retail sales, and the necessary margins in order for us to cover costs.  Bottom line is that it's basic economics and business, and we are going to have to increase prices by the end of this month. Why the fair warning?  Because if you are reading this, you are a supporter and we are thankful for you.  The VERY good news, and what I think should always give you confidence in us, is that we are a non profit.  You're not increasing daddy's pocket book - every dollar we spend is about helping Africans. Thanks for being with us, Barrett

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