THIS JUST IN: Meet our Newest Arrivals

a fashionABLE family.


We enjoy seeing the fashion statements you guys are making, showing and telling us how you live fashionABLE. One of our favorites is Phyllis Knight, who shares this about her family... {they're even representing all the different styles and colors!}
"My sister, Christina, was the last one to hand out her gifts on Christmas morning. She told us she wanted us to watch something and quickly set up the laptop. We were glued as we watched Bezuayhu share her story. As soon as the video was over my sister handed us each a bag. One by one, we each pulled out a handmade scarf. Along with an overflow of tears came the realization that my sister had given a gift to more than just her family–she gave one to Bezuayhu and the many other women that fashionABLE strives to help. Thank you for helping to make us a fashionABLE family!"

Do you have any cool stories about giving scarves this holiday?  Upload photos of you and your friends in your scarves & tell us how you live fashionABLE, too!

Go ahead... make your own fashion statement.

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