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Terrorists are NOT fashionABLE.


First, sales went great this morning, so thank you to everybody who is purchasing fashionABLE scarves! We’re grateful to have done this promotion with our Mocha Club members & fashionABLE early adopters, and have definitely learned some things today. It allowed us to learn a lot with our store and functionality.  Thank you for your suggestions of things that could add clarity to our store processes. Our favorite was discovering the “purchase” button is invisible on some PCs – we were getting a kick out of telling some of you how to find the “invisible button”!!  What fun! As we stated in the email that we sent you- when we run out of our BOGO stock, we run out... and we ran out! We really are sorry if your favorite scarves were already gone by the time you went to order. And we ran out faster than we expected - We also want to share why we sold out early on some of the new styles & colors.  You probably heard a few weeks back about a terrorist threat on an air cargo plane shipping printer cartridges to Chicago, going through London. And then the cargo plane from Yemen.  Well, we recieved an email this morning informing us that because of this, all shipments from East Africa and Arab nations are currently being refused for import. There has been no announcement yet as to when those channels will be reopened. The impact on us is that a shipment of 2,000 scarves we thought would be here December 3rd is now in limbo. We’re hoping and praying that all of the scarves the women have made still get here in time for orders to go out for Christmas – it is one of those things that is completely out of our control now. If you’d like to stay updated on when we receive these shipments, please give us your email address in the “Newsletter Signup” area to the right.  Thank you for your patience and understanding and for being a part of the mission of creating sustainable business for women in Africa! the fashionABLE team.

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