Style Your Scarf Episode 1: Meet Amber (fashionABLE's stylist)

style your scarf

Hello there! My name is Amber Lehman, and I am a wardrobe stylist in Nashville. I get to style celebrities for red carpets, work on music videos, and much more.  I also happen to be a huge fan of Mocha Club and love to give them my free time whenever I can. So of course I was extremely excited when Barrett, MC guru, asked me to help with fashionABLE because this project involves two of my favorite passions: Fashion + Africa. fashionABLE also fits perfectly with my view on style. To me, personal style is much more than what you wear, it's the way you live your life-- the way you treat people, the way you give back. Yes, your purchase of a fashionABLE scarf gives hope to a woman who may have none, but it's also a really cool accessory, too. I'll show you that here in our first video, where I help you "style your scarf".  Continue to check back with us for lots of other fun styling tips as we take this journey together. Hope you enjoy!

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