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10x10 Challenge With Jordan


10x10 Challenge With Jordan

This month, ABLE joined the 10x10 challenge hosted by our friends over at the popular blogs Unfancy and Style Bee. This challenge promotes minimalism, outfit creativity, and new ways to recycle items from your own wardrobe. We could not have been more thrilled to have our very own Fashion Director, Jordan,  participate for ABLE. While 10x10 was difficult, Jordan was motivated and learned so much throughout the process.

The Guidelines

Pick any 10 pieces from your current closet, style those items for 10 different looks, use 10 days to do it, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! Accessories, bags, pajamas, and gym clothes do not count and can be used as desired.

Jordan had a blast assembling outfits and coming up with new ways to style the loved items in her closet. Read more below about her 10x10 experience.


What did you enjoy most about the challenge?

I really love a good challenge. Give me a goal, and I will dominate it. I’ve been shopping mindfully over the past year, so to me, that means no fast fashion and no flippant purchases. I try to only buy things that have high quality and are hopefully ethical in some way. I’ve never been described as minimalist, so my intention with starting the 10x10 was daring myself to cut back, and to get more use out of each piece by pairing them in creative ways. I wanted to show that wearing just 10 pieces for 10 days can still make really fun outfits.

Although it was difficult to trim down to just 10 items I found this exercise to be refreshing. 10x10 forced me to slow down and rethink different ways I can wear the pieces in my wardrobe. I broke it down to the items I found to be necessities but still had some good personality so it didn’t feel repetitive.


Why did you choose these specific pieces out of all of the clothes in your wardrobe?

I typically wear a lot of denim on denim, so the ABLE denim shirt was key. The pants I chose were both comfortable and versatile, so I could easily dress them up or down. A printed tee kept the looks from feeling too mundane, while the classic grey sweater and black cardigan were staples that worked well with everything. I chose three different shoes because often times, I think shoes set the tone for the whole outfit (hence the red and leopard print). I wear heels most days, but I can’t imagine 10 days without my sneakers.

What were your takeaways?

I kept my 10 items on a little rack in my room, and really felt like the ultimate minimalist. I usually dress for the day I want to have. If I need to be creative, I will dress in bold prints and colors. If I need to settle in and get some good work done, I’ll wear a blazer to feel like a strong, powerful woman. I don’t need the “fluff,” the extra outfits, to feel confident. Confidence comes from being sure of myself, the value I find in my work, and the incredible people I’m surrounded by. I’ve learned even more so that being mindful with my purchases and buying things that I can live with for years to come is better for me, and it’s better for the world around me.

Jordan’s Picks

  1. Reformation Striped Blouse
  2. ABLE Vintage Denim
  3. ABLE Wide Leg Denim
  4. Adidas Sneakers
  5. ABLE Western Shirt
  6. Imogene + Willie Tee
  7. Zadig and Voltaire Sweater
  8. Nordstrom Cardigan
  9. ABLE Rojas Mules
  10. ABLE Perez Bootie
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