Hibret Zippered Pouch

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This product is named after one of the heroic women we work with

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The Hibret Soft Zippered Pouch / Clutch functions as a stylish clutch or a beautiful pouch to carry all of your essentials

  • The pouch itself is made of a fine suede, creating a super soft, silky feel.
  • The interior contains a contrasting suede on one side, and is also partially lined with a hand-woven 100% Ethiopian cotton scarf containing one of FASHIONABLE's signature scarf designs, inspired by a traditional Ethiopian pattern.
  • Zipper closure keeps your essentials secure
  • Measures: 11 1/4"  x  7 1/2"
  • Available in navy suede with contrasting avocado suede interior. also partially lined with a hand-woven avocado + navy FASHIONABLE Eden scarf

    • “Hibret” in Amharic, the traditional language of Ethiopia, means collaboration. As a true friend to our company and mission, Minka Kelly has given her time and her heart to FASHIONABLE. On our latest trip to Ethiopia together, she was inspired to help design and share the story of a new product, with the goal of ultimately creating more opportunity for women.

      In that spirit of collaboration, Minka brought together our skilled scarf weaving partners to line the inside with a beautiful woven pattern, while the zippered pouch itself is crafted by our leather artisan partners. Touched by many hands, and impacting many lives, this product ensures that those employed are ABLE to have opportunity, dignity, and hope.

      We hope this FASHIONABLE product will be a beautiful addition both to your style and to the story of real impact that you are telling with your purchase.

      Thank you,
      Minka and FASHIONABLE



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